Jan 18, 2007

iPhone: Revolution by Evolution

There are already enough blogs and articles out there about the pros and cons of Apple's new iPhone, lawsuits and trademarks aside. I'll point to some below. While the iPhone is revolutionary in a way, it's really more evolutionary. Just about every major feature has been around for a while. But to Apple's credit, they were the first to figure out how to put them together into a great solution.

Of course, since it is a revolution by evolution, that (hopefully) means it's better than what came before, but still not perfect. The most interesting discussion I think is Tog's view at The iPhone User Experience: A First Look. It is a very thorough review, with an interesting discussion of the amazing intuitability of the multi-touch screen and the history of the "pinch-spread" interface. (Shoulda patented, Tog). And Ryan Pearson's Everything's got a down side describes network compatibitily and storage expansion problems, and more importantly the longevity limits of touchscreen hardware.


sanchmo said...

Creating Passional Users kicks off agood discussion about what makes the iPhone seem more (and less) natural to us mere mortals.

sanchmo said...

Even more on the touch-screen / multi-screen....

Daniel Barbosa dives further into multi-touch and tables screen.

TwoPointZero blogs about the recently launched LG touchscreen phone.

And Tech Digest talks about the Samsung touchscreen that provides tactile feedback.