Dec 6, 2006

The permanence of print

The Denver Post misspelled Donald Rumsfeld's name... the Sunday edition...
...on a sub-headline....
...on the front page above the fold.


No corrections or explanations yet.
You can see many more newspaper QC errors at:
Learning how the media gathers, writes, edits and distributes its stories can be as scary as learning how sausages are made.


sanchmo said...

Still no explanation from the DP, but it looks like a spellchecker error, combined with poor QA.

Bad experiences with spellcheckers are well documented. I once mis-typed the word "disk" in an office email ( I mistakenly substituted the letted "c" instead of "s" ). I won't reproduce it here, but I'm sure our IT group was astounded by what our customers were inserting, and where.

Of course, I wasn't delivering that email to every driveway in the Denver metro area, either.

Kevin said...

Loved this.

Hope you don't mind, but I ganked the image (with appropriate credit and linkback, natch) on my own blog,


sanchmo said...

They did it again, this time on the front page of the Sunday Business Section: