Dec 6, 2006

Art is made to be used

The Denver Post recently published an article describing the ill effects felt by visitors to the Denver Art Museum's unusual architecture. Apparently the architect agreed with the quote that "art is made to disturb." The unusual angles of the walls, ceilings, and - yes - staircases cause congitive confusion within a physical 3D space, causing dizzynes and other forms of physical discomfort.

The architect believes he deserves credit for building something so unique. But what is so unique about a work that drives its intended audience away? A peice of software with this building's usability would be properly criticized. An outdoor statue that melts at the first rain is useless, no matter how creative the sculpture. And a book printed with white letters on white paper is useless, no matter how brilliant the storyline. And I'm sure that public buildings that cause physical discomfort and loss of balance by those with inner ear disorders violate access laws.

I can't define art. But I know bad art when I see it.

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