Dec 27, 2006

Target Prescription Labels

I recently filled a prescription, and experienced firsthand Target's much-touted new prescription labels. Although I am only a test case of one, and not in the high-risk group, my personal experience confirmed the design's expectations. I found relevant information easier and faster to read and understand, and found it easier to pick out the right meds from a crowded cabinet.

Misdosing and mismedicating are common and preventable personal healthcare problem. This is especially true for people with impaired memory or judgement, and with people with multiple caregivers or impared caregivers. There are various time-alarm pill dispensers available for home use, but I don't remember ever seeing studies or observations of their real effectiveness.


sanchmo said...

Pioneering Ideas is studying the connection between prescription label design and patient behavior. Intuitively, I can imagine that patient certainty and trust - directly impacted by information design - would be big factors in driving behavior. I await their findings.

sanchmo said...

And Serendipity Book blogs about some very smart pill dispensers and electronic medicine cabinets.